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Tools include Position Sizing Calculators, Trading Logs, Trading Journals, and Stock Evaluation Guides.



One of the best ways to learn and grow as a trader is to actively share your experiences with other like-minded traders.

Trading Routines

Part of trading successfully is having a routine. Our routines are designed to be robust enough for the professional trader, while efficient enough to be completed by the part-time trader.

Rules & Signals:

A compilation of the many buy and sell rules our Founder has come across and has found useful throughout his trading journey.


Reading List

There are literally 1,000s of Trading and Investing related books out there. We narrow it down to those that are most worthy of your time.

Position Size Calculator

Plan where you’re going to get in, where you’re going to get out, and how much you’re willing to risk. We’ll help you figure out how many shares to buy.

Understanding the market doesn’t have to be an unknown territory.

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Our Most Advanced Scanner Yet.

Introducing ChartYourTrade Market Research Intelligence (CYTMRI).
Designed to find the next potential leading growth stocks, provide insight into market health, and highlight sector rotation all at the single push of a button.

Here’s what it can do:

  • 9 Custom Designed scans with 65+ scanning criteria to capture the strongest stocks both technically and fundamentally
  • Double Filtration Technology allows an Ideal Scan to be run over all other scans ensuring only the best of the best growth stocks are presented
  • Live streaming charts built into the scans help you quickly identify stocks that are setting up


  • Concise reports keep your finger on the pulse of the market at the click of a button
  • Easily identify sector rotation. Know what sectors are heating up and cooling off
  • View the results of all scans run simultaneously in a single report
  • Export all scan results and reports to Excel
  • Mobile ready, use the CYT MRI on any device

Market Essentials

Market Health, Stocks in strong technical patterns, Analysis across multiple time frames… We provide candid, unbiased commentary on what truly matters in the market.

State of the Market

Robust analysis of the Nasdaq, S&P 500, and NYSE across multiple time frames and everything Under the Hood.

Universe List

Every stock we’re tracking + deep analysis on the weekly results of the ChartYourTrade MRI.

Ready List

Leading growth stocks that are setting up in technical patterns and showing potential for the next move higher.

Top 10 List

The best of the best leading growth stocks that are setting up in primary base patterns, ranked, rated, and a whole lot more.

Gainers on Volume

Gainers on Volume: A look at the three biggest price % movers on heavy volume from our Universe List everyday.

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